Work Smart, Not Hard: 7 Smart Passive Income Ideas

According to one survey, 30% of millionaires have at least five sources of income. And no, that doesn’t mean they have five jobs.
Many of the world’s richest build their wealth through passive income. With passive income, they can earn money even when they’re not working. That means they can continue to get richer while they’re sleeping, on vacation, or just relaxing away from work.
If that sounds like the dream life to you, here are seven smart passive income ideas to try.

1. Rent Out Real Estate Space

Renting your house or other property space is a great way to earn extra money. If you have a spare room, rent it out to short-term travelers or a permanent roommate.

You can also earn money from storage space, a spare parking space, or an extra room in your office.

2. Sell Digital Products

If you have digital art or wisdom to share, you could earn passive income by offering these goods online.

Write an e-book and sell it on shops like Amazon, or create a course on a topic you’re an expert at. You can also make money online by selling photography, printable designs, and other digital products.

3. Place Ads on Your Car

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, why not make money from it?

Some marketing agencies work with drivers, paying them to drive around with an ad on their car. Then, you can earn extra cash every time you drive to the supermarket.

4. Take Surveys

Talking about your personal experiences and sharing your opinions is one of the easiest ways to earn extra income. You can even earn money just from using your favorite products and services and offering your honest thoughts on them.

Take online surveys to earn gift cards, cash, and other prizes. To learn how it works, see more here.

5. Invest in Stocks

A classic way to earn passive income is to invest in stocks. Grow your investments, without having to lift a finger.

But before you start, be sure to research the market and stock trends to help you make the smartest investing decisions.

6. Open a Savings or Retirement Account

A high-yield savings account or retirement account is one easy way to make your money work for you.

Invest in your future by opening a savings or retirement account that offers a high return. Then, you can continue to earn passive income that you can enjoy later.

7. Collect Points and Credit Card Rewards

Spending money can also earn you money when you focus on points and rewards.

Some websites offer points whenever you shop specific stores or brands, and you can later turn those points into cash or gift cards. And many credit card companies offer rewards whenever you shop, which, like points, can be redeemed for cash or other gifts.
You no longer have to feel bad about shopping when you’re earning passive income at the same time.

Try These Smart Passive Income Ideas

From renting real estate to collecting points and rewards, earning extra money doesn’t have to be hard. Try these smart passive income ideas, and start earning money in your sleep just like the millionaires.

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