Work Desk Bed by Studio NL: Design Allowing Sleep at the Workplace

Work Desk Bed, designed by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL, is surely the dream desk, figuratively and literally. It’s mid-afternoon, you are already tired because of yet another stressful day at the job and your body is yearning for a short nap. According to a number of studies, having a short snooze at work can actually increase work productivity. If you had the Work Desk Bed, you would be able to catch a few z’s without ever having to leave your office.

The designer calls this bed – „1.6 square meters of life“. At first glance, the Work Desk Bed looks like a simple table, but, within minutes, it transforms itself into a comfortable sleeping place. The 17 square feet desk / bed is made of wood, leather and plexiglass, and it even has a monitor for your entertainment. watch video below

work desk bed closed with table top retracted

work desk bed opened with matress inside

work desk bed closed with table top extended

work desk bed different open and closed positions

video via Buzz60

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