Woolrich Wooly Slip Waterproof Boots


We recently wrote about the super comfy Woolrich loafers for indoors but now we have something completely different. Woolrich Wooly Slip Waterproof Boots are perfect for the harsh winter weather.

First of all, these American made boots are constructed using premium materials that when combined offer comfort, warmth and protection. They are also completely waterproof and suitable for cold temperatures down to -25 degrees F. The secret behind it- the natural insulating power of wool.

Woolrich boot from the front and back

Fully waterproof, these boots will keep you warm even at -25 degrees F.

The boot is constructed with a leather and suede upper. As for the rest of the boot, there’s the fleece lining and recognizable Woolrich Fully Wooly insulation. It will allow your feet to breathe while keeping them warm and dry. For comfort, you’ll find the Felt Flex midsole.

black Woolrich Wooly Slip Boot

They feature a leather and suede upper, wool insulation and rubber outsole.

The rubber outsole is there to provide great levels of traction for different types of surfaces. This means the boots are suitable for camping, hiking but also for backyard jobs on muddy and slippery ground. What makes them even more practical is the slip-on design with no lacing. The Wooly Slip Waterproof Boots are available in two colors- black and java.

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