Woody handboard is a surprisingly handy product by Slyde. It is a handboard that combines all the best features of similar products.

First of all, it looks just great. Woody is made of Epoxy, EPS, fiberglass and mixed wood veneer. The lighter version is made of White Oak, maple or birch, while the darker ones are made of walnut or cherry.

However, the best feature is its amazing weight of just 628 grams even though the dimensions are 19.8” X 10.1”. This amazing ratio comes from innovative CSC technology which ‘sandwiches the foam core in a 3mm layer of PVC foam.’ This kind of a setup is said to increase strength by 30% while decreasing weight by 30% as well. How cool is that? Still, there is usually a problem with weak spots that are common for most sandwich-type surf boards, but this has been resolved using a vacuum seal process. This technology ensures a completely seamless cover over the entire board and thus eliminates the mentioned weak spots.

The Woody Handboard is probably one of the most advanced handboards available with its combined versatility, functionality, reduced weight, durability, innovative solutions and a great design which is sure to draw attention. watch video below

Woody handboard from Slyde

Woody Slyde handboard

Slyde handboard

Slyde handboard

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