Woodsman’s Pal | From Garrett Wade


First words that come to mind when you take Woodman’s Pal in your hand are: this is made to be used. It represents a combination of a machete and an axe, perfect for trimming and clearing bushes or cutting entangled vines. It will provide a feeling that you have a mighty multi-tool attached to your body.

The Classic model features a steel blade and leather handle that measure 17 inches overall. Between them is a hand guard, which is always desirable to have. The blade is 1/8 inches thick. What makes it a camper’s favorite tool is a variety of its functions. Given its perfect balance, Pal can also serve as a hammer, hatchet or spoke shave.

Woodsman's Pal With Shealth

First used by the US Army in 1941, Woodsman’s Pal is the ultimate combination of a machete and an axe.

One side of the blade has an 8-inch concave edge. On the other side, there’s a 2-inch long hook that is just great for stripping limbs off trees. Its weight can help you flatten hard ground and you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion because of the black powder coating. The sheath is optional and is suitable only with the Classic Woodman’s Pal. This sheath is great for gardeners, hikers, hunters and foresters since it allows easy carrying and protection.

long brush cutter

The Brush Cutter model is longer and thinner. It has a wooden handle and a steel blade.

There’s also the Brush Cutter model that comes with a longer handle. Its blade is also thinner, only 1/16 inches. You can use both and clear all kinds of brushy unwanted obstacles in no time. It’s made in the USA, and will be your pal near campfires for a lifetime. Also interesting is the fact that Woodsman’s Pal was first used by the US Army in WWII.

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