If you are looking to add dimension, quirkiness and originality to your otherwise bland flooring, German textile designer Elisa Strozyk has something right up your alley – Wooden Carpet. Made from laser cut differently coloured veneer offcuts, the carpet lies flatly on the floor yet it appears three-dimensional thanks to brilliantly designed triangular veneer pieces which are bonded onto the fabric.

Conceptually speaking, Wooden Carpet is anything but typical, run-of-the-mill rug, and since wood is one of the most multifaceted resources in furniture design, it is no wonder that designers like Strozyk try to push creative boundaries as much as they can. Wooden Carpet is available in several types of wood – Pear, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Beech, Bubinga, Walnut, Teak and Cherry and four distinct styles – Sherwood (dimensions: 1620 × 910cm), Wentwood (1970 × 1400cm), Ashdown (1520 × 870cm), and Mortimer (1975 × 1400cm).

Wooden Carpet is playful and unique, will add creativity and fun to your room, as well as make a great impact on the viewer. Also, it is flexible since you can move each veneer triangle to sculpt them into crinkled works of art. Mindful of the fact that wood is a limited resource, the designer’s intent with this carpet was to “be able to use material that is able to grow old beautifully.”

Wooden Carpet by Elisa Strozyk

Wooden Carpet closeup

Wooden carpet

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