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In order to bring your usual beer drinking routine to a completely different level, Green Shield Workshop makes unique Wooden Beer Mugs. Each mug is completely hand crafted from high-quality materials and assembled using the oldest barrel making techniques. To see how they’re made, check the video below.

The mugs are made from walnut, oak or mahogany, aged and dried for over 40 years. There’s a special one you can get that’s made from 8000 years old Bog Oak. Each one is combined with stainless steel hoops, rivets and handles, making the mug extremely durable and tough. In fact, to show you just how indestructible these mugs are, they were even ran over with a car and didn’t get slightly damaged.

Two Wooden Beer Mugs

Wooden Beer Mugs are completely hand crafted. They’re extremely durable and each one can fit 0.7l of liquid.

Wooden Beer Mugs are coated with acrylic plastic and are very easy to clean- you can wash them by hand. These mugs have a capacity of 0.7l and can be used both for cold and warm beverages. Because of the construction and materials, they’ll keep the drink cooler or warmer for 2-3 degrees C for 45 minutes.

Wooden Beer Mug With A Custom Handle

You can get a custom figurine to serve as a handle.

What’s really cool about them is that you can personalize the mug by ordering a custom bronze figurine to be placed instead of a regular handle. Of course, this takes some time to be done but it’s definitely worth it. With the medieval design, Wooden Beer Mugs can be the perfect gift for gamers, fantasy lovers and of course, anyone who enjoys beer.

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Wooden Beer Mug With A Lightsaber Handle

A Lightsaber handle is just one of the ideas.

Check out this video to see the process of making these cool-looking Wooden Beer Mugs:

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