Furniture designers must be one of the most creative people around today. Designing something new, fresh and original in the world of furniture, which has seen it all and done it all, is an achievement that requires a lot of skill.  Take a look at Wood Casting furniture, designed by a great Israeli artist and designer Hilla Shamia, and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Wood Casting furniture series (stools and desks) is a combination of aluminum and wood with the latter one resembling burnt wood, adding a bit of edge and drama to the pieces. The amalgamation of aluminum and wood in Shamia’s furniture pieces makes a rather bold statement and accentuates the natural form of wood, placed within the explicit boundaries of aluminum.

So, how are these extraordinary pieces created? The designer pours molten aluminum onto raw cypress and eucalyptus tree logs which creates an unusual layer of carbon which, in turn, serves as a dividing line between the softness of a warm material like wood and the cold texture of the aluminum.  Since aluminum is molten when poured onto the log, it penetrates every crack of the wood thus creating a fusion of the two materials through one very strong bond. The Wood Casting furniture series has a striking appearance, and, because of its versatility, is equally suitable for classic and contemporary interiors. [via]

Wood casting furniture

Wood Casting furniture with molten aluminum poured in the cracks of wood pieces

Wood casting chair

Wood casting side table

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