Everybody who has more than one pet in their home knows the difficulty of making each of them eat their own food. This problem gets magnified if one of your pets is on a special diet and can eat only a specific type of food. Lucky for you, the WonderBowl Selective Feeder makes this problem a thing of the past. The WonderBowl opens only for the pet wearing a specific collar tag (which is included in the purchase) and for that pet alone. Designed to prevent children and other pets from reaching the food in this bowl, it is ideal for households with several pets and pets on special diets.

WonderBowl infrared technology

Using infrared technology, the WonderBowl opens up when your pet is in range

The WonderBowl uses infrared technology in order to work. When the pet wearing the right tag gets in range of the bowl, the lid will open and the pet can enjoy the meal intended specifically for it. The tag itself is equipped with a low battery indicator so you can change the batteries and make sure that your pet isn’t refused access to its food. After your pet eats as much as it needs, the lid will automatically closes down once again.

WonderBowl Selective Feeder

The WonderBowl’s tag has a low battery indicator and is waterproof

The sturdy design of the WonderBowl prevents slipping and sliding on floors and the base of the bowl and the tag are completely waterproof. It is very easy to keep the stainless steel bowl insert clean as it is dishwasher safe and can be easily removed.

WonderBowl maintenence

Keeping the WonderBowl clean is easy; simply remove the stainless steel bow and pop it into the dishwasher

The bowl is large enough to hold 1.5 cups of dry food and the only thing that could be considered a downside to the WonderBowl is that the AC adapter and additional tags must be bought separately. That aside, this bowl is extremely useful for everyone who struggles with making their pets eat their own food.

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Check out the WonderBowl in action.

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