Being skilled enough to make a home improvement project happen is as important as the tools which you are using. Modern tools are an excellent thing to have, they get the job done, and they, more than often, offer more functions unlike their traditional counterparts, which helps you do the things you want to. However, old fashioned tools are sometimes exactly what you need to get in the handyman groove in order to fix what need fixing, and build what needs building. The WohnGeist Tool Set is one of those tool sets which offer a lot of useful tools, all made in a traditional way and in a traditional style.

WohnGeist Tool Set box

The box of this tools set is made from pear wood and has magnetic retainers to hold your tools in place

The WohnGeist Tool Set is comprised of 24 indispensable tools, all of which will find its use in your home sooner or later. This tool set includes: 6 screwdrivers (one of which uses changeable screwdriver bits), 3 different pliers, a chisel, a wooden ruler and an old school wooden folding measuring tape among others. All of these tools come in a perfectly crafted pear wood box with leather handles. In fact, every wooden component of each of the tools is made from pear wood because it resists warping and splintering when exposed to moisture.

WohnGeist Tool Set tools

There are 24 high quality tools in this tool set, which will help you take on any DIY or repair project

An important thing to mention about the box is that it was built with magnets inside of it so that each tool can be held firmly in place and prevent tumbling while you are carrying the tool set.

WohnGeist, a German company, was founded 24 years ago as a one man business but has since evolved into a company which is very well known for its high quality products. Their tool set has a timeless design and can last you a lifetime. Geared towards both novice and professional craftsmen, there will be no repair or project which you won’t be able to complete with it.

WohnGeist Tool Set pear wood tools

Even the wooden tool components are made from pear wood, because of its warping resistant properties

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