It is no longer enough to provide a wireless speaker to differentiate your product. These wonderfully useful products have been multiplying, so setting a product apart has become increasingly difficult. Libratone, a company from Copenhagen, has decided to make things even more difficult for themselves by attempting to enter the US market. However, their AirPlay enabled lounge wireless speakers might actually be good enough to compete.

Their Lounge speaker can stream music from iTunes libraries, iPad, iPhone, or iPod. The Libratone Lounge, with the dimensions of 13.8 x 44.5 x 9.2 inches and the weight of 33.1 pounds, is not actually a portable wireless solution, but rather a home-bound product, as its name suggests. Apart from AirPlay streaming, it can also be connected to a TV, for example, using a 3.5mm jack and the digital mini plug cable.

Lounge Wireless Speaker

The Lounge makes use of the Libratone’s own FullRoom sound technology which is known to direct sounds waves in various directions and gets them to reflect from walls in various places thus delivering what they labeled the ‘360-degree sound’. This technology is facilitated using five separate units inside a cabinet each of which having an amplifier and sending sound in a particular and unique direction. This way they managed to spread the sound around and equate the quality all over the room.

Wireless speaker in a room

Cable connection has been known to influence positively the quality of reproduced sound, which can be hindered during wireless transfer. But not with the Libratone Lounge. The speakers feature digital signal processing and utilization of Lossless codec from Apple, of course paired up with components of the highest quality. And all this is not simply a marketing demagogy from Libratone. Their speakers which feature this technology really do provide the sound of remarkable quality.

Lounge Wireless Speaker by Libratone

The Libratone Lounge produces 150W of power from a 50W inverted woofer, two 25W ceramic midrange drivers and two 25W tweeters and boasts a great range of 38-20,000 Hz.

When it comes to the design, the speakers are wonderfully clean and minimal and available in four colors. They are also made of wood and chrome and coated in cashmere.

A more portable version with similar features is the Libratone Live with the dimensions of 18.5 x 7.7 x 6 inches and the weight of 14 pounds.

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Lounge Wireless Speaker by Libratone

Lounge Wireless Speaker by Libratone

Wireless Speaker and TV

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