Keep Your Feet Warm With +Winter Heated Insoles


There’s a project currently being funded on Kickstarter that will keep your feet from freezing during winter. We’re talking about +Winter Heated Insoles, a smart combination of technology and ultimate footwear performance.

The main feature that instantly separates these insoles from others you can find on the market is the fact they are rechargeable and use a wireless charging system. The built-in battery can last for up to 5 hours making them perfect for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. When the battery is low, simply put them on top of a wireless charger. In order for them to charge, it takes around 3 hours.

A Pair Of Yellow +Winter Heated Insoles

Next time you’re out during cold weather, don’t worry about your feet getting frozen. These insoles release heat, they are easy to use and you can adjust the temperature using your phone.

+Winter Heated Insoles are splashproof, very lightweight and super thin (2mm tip and 6mm heel). In fact, they are no bigger than regular insoles you use. To set the temperature, just use the +t App and pair it with the insoles. There, you can easily adjust the temperature. Another handy addition are built-in accelerometers that turn themselves on automatically, allowing you to leave your phone at home. So, once you set your desired temperature, the insoles will automatically set the heat.

+Winter Heated Insoles Set With The Charger

Insoles use a wireless charging system and you can charge them in 3 hours. To do so, simply put them on the wireless charger that comes in the box.

Being comfortable is paramount. This is why they come with an ergonomic fit. Also, +Winter Heated Insoles are compatible with a number of soles, as well as rubber, ski and snowboard boots. Besides these winter sports, they are great for fishing, cycling, hunting and a variety of other outdoor activities.

Check out this video and see +Winter Heated Insoles in action.

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