Cycling through car filled streets can be tricky. Drivers tend not to see cyclists well enough on the road and this can be very dangerous. Thankfully, Cycl has a solution to help with this problem. Their product named WingLights is specially designed for added bicycle safety. WingLights are direction indicators that are easily attached to bicycle handlebars and are meant to function the same as car indicators, signaling the riders position and intended direction. The permanent attachments are screwed on to the ends of the handlebars and the light units are magnetically clipped on to them. This means that they can be easily and quickly removed, which is a practical solution against theft. When removed, the indicators can form a key ring on a carabiner.

WingLights efficiency

WingLights have the same intensity, color and frequency as regular car indicators

Winglights are constructed from lightweight aluminum and are suitable for all weather and road conditions. The lights are turned on and off with buttons adequately positioned at the end of the device. They turn off automatically 45 seconds after turning them on. The indicators have the same intensity, color and frequency as car indicators.

WingLights compatibility

WingLights are currently compatible only with straight (flat) handlebars and curved handlebars

The indicators can be fitted on all bicycles with speed shifters mounted on the side of the handlebars. At the moment, WingLights are only compatible with straight (flat) handlebars and curved handlebars (max curvature of 30°) but Cycl is working on expanding this compatibility to other handlebar types (drop bars, bullhorns, cruiser bars…). They come in three colors: Carbon Black (all black), Electric Red (red and silver) and Nite Rider (black and red). Winglights are definitely a must have for every urban cyclist that cares about safety.

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WingLights color variations

These bicycle indicators are available in three color variations: Carbon Black, Electric Red and Nite Rider (this here is an Electric Red Set)

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