Although we have featured quite a few flasks and bottles over the course of the last few months, none of them were actually perfectly suitable for wine. Wine2Go has a solution for seasoned wine drinkers who like to enjoy wine wherever they may be – camping, hiking, picnics, concerts, movie dates, kicking it on the beach or any place where bringing glass bottles might not be allowed or is simply impractical. We are talking about Foldable Wine Bottle, a reusable, flexible, BPA-free bottle that you can use just about anywhere.

Wine2Go Foldable Wine Bottle has a wide, easy fill mouth and holds an entire bottle of wine. Once you are done drinking, you just roll it up and you are good to go. As far as cleaning goes, you just need to rinse it with warm water and let it drip dry. It is as simple as that. The flask is very well-made. It is durable, practical and does the job perfectly. It is also a money saver. Imagine how much money you would spend on bar tab at, let’s say, festivals and concerts where drinks are notoriously overpriced.

Wine2Go foldable wine bottle

Another interesting feature of Foldable Wine Bottle is that it has zero taste transfer so you can use it for wine first and, once you are done drinking, rinse it out and put beer in it knowing that the two tastes will not mix. This is probably the most convenient and most elegant way to drink in public. Filling the bottle is rather easy – just unscrew the cap on the top and pour in the wine. A piece of advice – it is important that you remove surplus air from the flask after you fill it up with a drink. You do this by gently reattaching the cap and squeezing the bottle to release the excess air. This will prevent premature spoilage.

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Wine2Go foldable wine bottle

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