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If you have ever owned a private wine collection, you need a place to store it. To take proper care of your wine and to enhance your interior, we suggest that you check out the Sommi Wine Cellars. If you can’t have a dedicated cellar in your home, this is the next best thing. The cellars have the capacity to store 70 to 450 bottles and they’re made by hand in Portland from wood that originates from the same region. Careful engineering makes these cellars both sophisticated and functional as they have a great cooling system.

The Sommi Wine Cellars are lined with great insulation and have a universal rack system that’s two-bottles deep and can fit different bottle sizes. It’s also covered with salvaged barn wood. In these cellars, your wines will maintain the optimal temperature at all times. These robust structures with an arched top are outfitted with handcrafted hardware and feature a sophisticated finish to make them easy to incorporate into your home décor. These cellars are also free-standing and the cooling system is almost silent.

Sommi WIne Cellar in front of a brick wall, semi-open.

The Sommi Wine Cellars are carefully engineered and hand-crafted using the local Oregon wood of your choice

The Sommi Cellars keep your wines perfectly preserved and protected as they provide humidity control and ensure temperature consistency. The beautiful materials used along with the highly-engineered parts make these cellars really stand out. What’s even better, these are built to order so you can choose what type of wood you want, what kind of door handles you prefer as well as racking configuration. Just because you don’t have a real wine cellar as a part of your house, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your wines on the top shelf in your refrigerator.

Sommi WIne Cellar in a room with wooden floor and brick wall, closed.

The Sommi Wine Cellars have an excellent, whisper-silent cooling system and universal racking system that fits various bottles

Made for true wine collectors, the sophisticated Sommi Wine Cellars will keep your valuable and rare wine collection perfectly preserved for many years. Their classic beauty is a result of careful craftsmanship and the amount of passion brought into it. You can store your entire wine collection in one storage unit for a beautiful display. These cellars are made by experienced craftsmen so they’re built to last. Just pick a model according to your needs and customize the looks of it to also enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Sommi Credenza WIne Cellar with an armchais on the left and a lamp on the right, in front of a wall, semi-open, front view.

The Sommi Wine cellars have the capacity of 70 to 450 wine bottles, depending on the model, and thanks to the two-bottle deep racking system

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