Before we introduce the following wine breather, did you know that wine should be aerated before you consumed it? Why? Wine experts say that by allowing your wine to mix with the surrounding air you don’t only warm it up but the wine’s aromas also open up, improving its flavour. Bearing this in mind, a Danish company called Menu has teamed up with Norm Architects to design an elegant Wine Breather that also serves as a decanter which is used both for aerating and serving wine.

What you do is attach the Menu Wine Breather to a bottle, flip it over to aerate the wine and pour it into the carafe. You can then either serve the wine from the carafe or pour it back into the bottle. The Menu Wine Breather / Decanter is designed in the typical Scandinavian fashion with clean and simple lines.

Wine Breather Carafe by Menu

It is made from the finest lead-free hand blown glass, it weighs just under a kilo (2 pounds), and its dimensions are 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm (8″ x 8″ x 8″). The drip-free decanter holds 1.4 litres (48 oz) of wine.

The Menu Wine Breather / Decanter has a round stable base, and a large surface area which allows for additional aeration. It aerates a bottle of wine in only two minutes, i.e. twice quicker than any other wine breather on the market.

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Wine Breather Carafe by Menu

Wine Breather Carafe

Wine Breather Carafe by Menu

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