Windowseat Lounge Chair by Mike and Maaike for Haworth

“Where does architecture stop and furniture begin?” A valid question by San Francisco industrial design studio Mike and Maaike (led by Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers). The pair have designed Windowseat Lounge, a chair suitable both for indoors and outdoors, public and private spaces.

The Windowseat Lounge is produced by Haworth, as part of the Haworth Collection, and is one of those chairs that provide you with a personal safe haven, a private cocoon of sorts. The Windowseat dampens noise, and hustle & bustle of modern day living. It also shields you from prying eyes.

Although, at first glance, the Windowseat might resemble an office chair with its somewhat sterile lines, its quirkiness and novel concept testify contrary. The chair is fully upholstered in natural wool fabric and has a foam-paded frame.

The Windowseat chair comes in both enclosed and opened versions, with or without ottoman.

Woman sitting in a yellow Windowseat Lounge Chair

Yellow Windowseat and ottoman designed by Mike and Maaike

Side by side yellow and green Windowseat chairs designed by Mike and Maaike

Gray and white Windowseat lounge chairs designed by Mike and Maaike

Woman sitting in a yellow Windowseat chair in a room

[images via mike and maaike]

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