We, here at Jebiga, know how much you like and need camping and we believe that we have something special in store for you with this item. This item could be considered an antique piece of wisdom and it is a definite must have for everyone that enjoys camping as much as we do. We present to you, Wildwood Wisdom written by Ellsworth Jaeger. We believe that it’s a true gem and we’ll tell you why.

Ellsworth Jaeger, who was a faculty member of the Buffalo Museum of Science and an authority on Native American folklore and camping, wrote this beautifully illustrated book in 1945 to give campers comprehensive information on how to build shelters with hand-gathered materials, how to make fires and needed clothing and gear. There is also a lot more information on life’s basics in the wild such as edible, poisonous and medicinal plants, how to skin a bear, how to portage a canoe, how to cook flap-jacks on a flat rock and even how to blaze a trail among many more useful pieces of survival information.

Wildwood Wisdom by Ellsworth Jaeger

Wildwood Wisdom by Ellsworth Jaeger

Wildwood Wisdom was also written with historical accuracy as Jaeger thoroughly researched life in the 1800’s and portrays a wonderful picture of how survival was necessary to not only cope with daily perils but how one’s survival depended upon the combined abilities of hands and wit back in those days.

When written in 1945, the latter part of World War 2, the author had this to say about his book, “…the serenity and peace of the wilderness were never more dear to the hearts of men.” and we believe that in today’s technological age where nature is threatened by our presence and ‘progress’ while we become alienated from the world, this book seems to be even more relevant than it was in 1945.

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