Why Material Matters When Buying Scrubs for Medical Practitioners?

Medical practitioners work in an extremely contagious environment. Hence, the clothing material they use should be less prone to attracting micro-organisms. These days, medical uniforms or scrubs are designed and customized as per the customer’s needs and expectations.

Most often, the uniforms for medical practitioners are available in varied materials, like cotton, synthetic, poly-viscose, polyester blend, rayon, spandex blend, etc. But, what kind of flexibility and comfort level you need during work decides which material to go for.

The Importance of Medical Uniforms

Medical clothing was earlier known as ‘surgical greens’ because of the color. And they were explicitly sewn by considering the sanitary aspect. They are worn by medical personnel, including nurses, surgeons, and physicians.

Since medical practitioners work in hospitals and highly infection-prone zones, they wear these uniforms before scrubbing in for surgeries. That is how surgical greens got renamed to scrubs.

Let’s talk about why scrubs’ material matters.

Choosing From Varied Range of Fabrics

Clothing styles can be accommodated in different materials and fabrics. And every material has a unique blend to withstand the rough usage. For example, cotton is very soft and sweat-absorbent.

Polyester or synthetic material is lightweight but not sweat-absorbent. Poly-viscose is considered a good option for uniform designing because of its durability, and spandex blends are stretchy and easily adjustable. So, it depends on your requirements and physical activity at work.

Quality Is Crucial

Any medical clothing has to undergo a lot of harsh detergents during the wash. Since the scrubs are protective wear, it should be durable to defy perspiration and multiple washes. And yet be sturdy enough to be worn many times.

Hence, along with considering your needs, you must choose a material that is quality-oriented. Not just will it protect you from contagion but also prevent contaminants from lurking.

Heightened Comfort-level

Comfort is not just limited to regular clothing. It is a prerequisite in designing a scrub as well. There are different ranges of materials available in the market, but the best one is the one that offers a higher comfort level.

Medical practitioners have more dexterous tasks than most people; hence, the comfort of their uniforms cannot be compromised. Any material that promises the right amount of comfort level must be given a green signal.

Colors Play a Vital Role

You may think about what color has to do with material or fabric. But, it does play a significant role when buying a scrub. Colored material is toughened by making it go through the dyeing process.

But, the white-colored fabric is not processed much to maintain its wash. Hence, the strength of the material differs a lot in colored and non-colored fabric.

Additionally, the white shade gets stained easily and is visible immediately, but dark-colored clothes don’t look soiled instantly. So, you must leave it to your work culture to help you decide which color to choose.

It is always your choice when it comes to choosing the material for medical uniforms. Eventually, they should be easy to launder and cheap to replace if stained or damaged beyond repair.

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