Why Greece Should Be on Your List of Places to Visit in 2020

On any list of places to visit in 2020, Greece must surely feature prominently. The country ticks a whole raft of boxes for the globetrotting tourist. And it’s no less appealing in 2020 than it ever has been. Whether you’re looking to indulge in some sightseeing, or you’re looking for something a little more high-octane, the country has something that’ll tempt. Let’s run through a few of the reasons that Greece is worth a visit.

The History

Few nations on Earth can boast such an extensive and varied history as Greece. If you’re staying in Athens, then you absolutely must make time for the Acropolis, with its stunning Parthenon and Temple to of Athena Nike. Designed by Kallikrates, among others, these are some of the most imposing (and historically important) structures anywhere on the continent.

The Variety

Greece is made up of several distinct landmasses, each of which diverges from its neighbours sufficiently to be worth a separate visit, while still being unmistakably Greek. There’s Macedonia, with its rich Ottoman heritage. There’s Crete, with its beautiful seaside towns. And there’s the Aegean Islands, with their stunning geography.

The Food

Greek food has proven so successful that it’s exported in one form or another around the world. We’ve all enjoyed a kebab and a moussaka, but the genuine article is a world away from what you might have tasted, and thus a visit to the country might prove something of a revelation. In Greece, dining takes place relatively late in the day. There are olive-oil and wine producers scattered across the country, many of which are more than willing to accept tourists.

The Weather

Of course, one of the primary drivers of tourist traffic to this part of the world is the fact that it’s incredibly sunny. In summertime, you’ll get that winning combination of blistering heat, tempered only slightly by an ocean breeze. But even if you’re travelling to Greece in the winter, you’ll get mild weather that’ll allow you to pay a visit to the tourist attractions, without having to contend with the crowds.

The Beaches

One of the defining features of Greece is that it’s scattered across an incredibly fragmented mass of land. Look at a map of the country and you’ll be amazed at just how much coastline there is – and that’s before you even account for the aforementioned Aegean Islands, of which there are several dozen to explore. All of this means that there’s no shortage of beaches crammed into a relatively small space; some of them are sprawling tourist-traps, but at the same time there are more secluded options there to tempt tourists from the beaten track.

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