Why Cisco CCNA R&S Credential Is Important for Your Career as Network Engineer? Get It with Exam Dumps from Prepway

Cisco has played a pivotal role in networking and internet spheres. Many of the solutions which the world embraces when it comes to banking, management, and communication were spearheaded by Cisco. One of the widely known inventions is the design of routers and switches to allow network segmentation in organizations.
Besides, Cisco is also a giant when it comes to equipping professionals with the utmost skills to deploy, operate and manage the actual network environment setup through exams and certifications. CCNA R&S Visit Here is the popular associate-level credential that every professional in the networking industry wants to get. Therefore, we are going to devote this entire article to this badge. Firstly, let’s have a look at some of the reasons that should push you to earn it.

Why Become CCNA R&S Certified?

Cisco is a network leader

It is a plus to have the CCNA R&S certification in your resume because it Cisco is the network leader which came up with the routing and switching technologies. Your skills will never be in doubt because they are validated by the globally known corporation. As a result, employers will consider you for the available roles.

More career options

The CCNA R&S certification is crucial to your career, rather it gives you limitless opportunities. According to IDC, seven out of every ten employers prefer to hire professionals who have certification because they have proof of their expertise and skills. In addition, you will also be considered for promotions which require you to have both leadership and organizational skills.

Certifications keep you updated

There is nothing worse than staying irrelevant in your area of expertise just because your skills are no longer efficient to deliver quality work. The CCNA R&S credential is the ideal tool to sharpen your wit and make you stay updated with the issues that are taking place in the digital era. Networking is the sole tool for communication and sharing of data in any company. Therefore, you should always be at the forefront when it comes to perfecting the network infrastructure to fit the current technologies.

Helps you stand out during interviews

The unemployment rate is growing every day. Every interview is always crowded, thus getting a job is a major problem. You have to define ways in which you will stand out and make the employers recognize you. One of the perfect ways which have helped many professionals is having a Cisco certification. It makes the employers have a second thought on whether to hire you or not. Without certification, you will be just an ordinary professional who does not have proof of his or her knowledge.

Helps you get higher pay

It is always important to ensure that you are satisfied with the pay you get from your employers after reporting every day to their company. Many employees do not feel satisfied with the wages they get because they have not got a pay rise for long. Employers usually increase the payment after an employee has shown an extra-effort in ensuring the company’s business is successful. Certifications prove that you want to be a perfectionist in your area of expertise because you have taken a step to learn new things. As a result, the employers will want to retain you in their company because you have the advanced skills which are important to their business.

All You Need to Know about the CCNA R&S Credential

The CCNA R&S credential is very important for any networking professional due to the fact that many enterprises are migrating to controller-based architectures. Therefore, the skills that a network specialist will require are evolving every single day. The CCNA R&S badge can only be achieved through one of the following options:

• Passing the CCNA 200-125 composite exam or
• Passing 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 exams.

In both cases, you must show your knowledge of network fundamentals; LAN, WAN, IPv4, and IPv6 technologies; infrastructure services, security, and management as well as the skills in these spheres. When verified this knowledge by getting certified you can become a Network Engineer, a System Administrator, or a Network Administrator. Notice, that CCNA R&S certified professionals earn an average annual salary of $74,000 according to Payscale.com.

Cisco CCNA Certifications Updates

However, Cisco recently announced the new changes in its certification program. According to them, the CCNA R&S credential, as well as its exams, will be replaced soon by the CCNA badge. Instead of the current exam, you’ll need to pass only one test, which is 200-301 (Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions).

Despite the massive changes which are taking place in the Cisco certification program, you have to earn the current credential if you have already registered for the exams. This is because Cisco certifications come with a lot of benefits to your career.

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The CCNA R&S is the ideal certification which the networking professionals should take in order to acquire profound knowledge in routing and switching technologies. Get the best exam dumps to ace your prep from the Prepaway.biz website and you will get the concepts to pass the exam. Certify your skills for better career prospects.

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