Mature Your Own Whisky Kit by Firebox is a great product that enables you to … well, the name is pretty self explanatory. What makes this thing so great is the fact that aging your own drink is made very simple, but still leaves some of the fun parts of the process.

The kit consists of a freshly made Kentucky Oak barrel, funnel and two bottles of Malted Barley spirit. As you have probably guessed, all you need to do is pour the spirit into the barrel and the aging process begins immediately. You can choose the length of the maturing process and thus the quality of your drink. However, if you do not want to do anything more, you do not need to. Your input can end here.

Whiskey Making Kit with barrel and bottles

On the other hand, there are bunch of little things you can do to pass the time and make your brew better, or simply different. You can pay attention that the barrels are stored at the right temperature during all stages of maturing process – if you do not you might lose up to 5% due to evaporation and the evaporation obviously limits the brewing time, but the whiskey will still age properly; placing the tap can require a bit of force, or as the manufacturer said it ‘don’t go nuts and break the barrel, but pushing it in’ isn’t enough’’; if there is a bit of leak from the barrel, simply solve this by pouring some hot water that will expand the wood before you start the maturing process.

The fact that the barrel is made of fresh Oak means that flavor of the first batch will be pretty affected by the Oak, while the future ones will be less so. This being said, we need to inform you that it is likely that the Oak influence will wane after about three maturing sessions. However, if you like whiskey and you feel that this might be fun, the price of $165 should not present a big problem.

If you prefer beer, be sure to check out the Beer Making Kit.

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