Which Dog Would Suit Your Lifestyle?

Are you thinking of getting a dog? If you’ve been considering investing in a new addition to your home, you’re not alone. There was a surge in demand for dogs last year during the lockdowns, with breeders receiving lots more enquiries while the nation stayed indoors.

It makes sense that during this time at home we’d want to add to the family. As a nation, we love animals. The RSPCA recommends thinking beyond the current situation as we might not be working from home for much longer, but if you’ve got your heart set on adding a four-legged friend to the family, it’s worth doing some research into the different types of dogs. This will help you decide which breed would suit your lifestyle now, and in the future.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right dog for your home.

Consider your lifestyle

You need to be able to look after your dog, and a huge part of that comes down to the life you live right now. So, what type of person are you? Are you someone who’s active and enjoys regular outdoor runs? Or are you someone who likes nothing more than curling up on the sofa after a long workday? Asking yourself these questions is important as it helps to work out what your lifestyle is like right now.

If you live with someone else, these questions might take a little longer to answer. For instance, if you have young children, the breed that you choose will come down to how well that type of dog mixes with little ones. And if you’re an older retired couple, you might want a dog that’s slower and suits a more relaxed pace.

Think about their personality

Now that you’ve spent some time looking at your lifestyle and what characteristics you need in a dog for your home, consider the different types of dog breeds. This will help you match the right dog to your home.

According to a survey by National Accident Helpline, Labrador Retrievers are the UK’s favourite dog breed. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that these are known for their gentle, placid nature, making them the ideal fit for a range of lifestyles.

Cockapoos were at number two on the list. These are a great choice for those who want an affectionate dog. Plus, they don’t shed much if at all, so it’s easy to clean up after them.

Bouncy Springer Spaniels were third. Like Labradors, these are gentle, sociable dogs, however they have a more energetic side. This never tips over into hyperactivity, so they’re a great choice for families.

If you’re looking for a pup to join you on your evening run, a Border Collie could be a lovely choice. Respondents to the survey ranked this breed number seven and it’s easy to see why. They’re intelligent, active dogs that enjoy physical activities. Similarly, German Shepherds enjoy lots of exercise. They came in at number nine on the list and share a lot of traits with Border Collies.

Take the time to research the dogs that could suit your home. You’re investing in a new family member, so it’s important that you select one that suits the life you live. Once you find one that fits neatly into your world, you’ll love them forever.

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