Which Certification Is Best For Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing service offered by Microsoft. They are designed for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications without physical servers using the help of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

The popularity of Microsoft Azure can be assessed from its increasing demand. It has been reported that 100 new enterprises/ customers sign up to MS Azure. As per forbes.com, 53% of the Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure services. The cloud computing services are not the torchbearer of Microsoft’s revenue, increasing Microsoft’s revenue up to 104%. The cloud computing service is equally favourite of the Governments. UK Government has officially accredited MS Azure. MS Azure Government offering sponsored by the US Government.

Microsoft Azure: Types of Certifications?

There are multiple levels of Microsoft Azure Certification. The most basic starts with Fundamental Level certification. This level is for beginners starting their career in Microsoft Azure. The next level is Associate Level. This is for intermediate-level professionals in Microsoft Azure. Associate Level Certificate is offered to Administrators, developers, and Security Engineers. The most advanced level of certification in Microsoft Azure is the Expert Level certificates. It is offered for DevOps and Solution Architecture.

Fundamental Level

As its name suggests, the Fundamental Level of Microsoft Azure certificate is the starting point in MS Azure. The test code of Azure Fundamental is AZ 900. It equips the test takers with a foundation level of knowledge of Azure-based cloud services. It is recommended for IT professionals who want to start their Microsoft Azure platform.

Associate Level

The Associate Level of MS Azure certification is designed to provide fundamentally educated MS Azure professionals. They get to learn about the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of MS Azure solutions. Besides, the test trains takers on computing, storage, network, and security of the solutions. There are three specializations in Microsoft Azure Associate Level certification.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)

The AZ-104 exam expects knowledge of core Azure services, workloads, security, and governance. When it comes to knowledge of tools, Azure Associates are well equipped with PowerShell, the Command Line Interface, Azure Portal, and ARM templates. A minimum of 6 months of hands-on experience is required for the test.

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204)

This test is designed for Azure developers. It trains them to develop Azure solutions, implement Azure security, monitor, troubleshoot, optimize Azure solutions, and connect to third-party services.

Azure Security Engineer Associate

The Azure Security Engineer Associate covers virtualization, Amazon Kubernetes Service, and clouds N-tier architecture. The AZ-500 test trains candidates to use Azure Security tools to secure their Azure solution on the cloud.

Expert Level

Azure expert level covers solutions architect’s expertise in computing, networking, storage, security, and designing solutions running on Azure. They are offered in the following verticals.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert

To obtain Azure Solutions Architect Expert, candidates have to pass AZ 303 and AZ 304. The test requires a minimum of 1-year experience of working on the Azure Platform. It is to be noted that AZ 304 is subject to candidates success in AZ 303 exam.

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

DevOps Engineer certification covers configuration, management, building, testing, and deployment using Azure technologies. Candidates appearing for the exam must know Azure Administration and development.

Which Azure Certification to start with?

We have already mentioned the different levels of certifications available for Microsoft Azure. We have also discussed in detail the requirement and what these certifications offer. Professionals can choose from the available options and go for what suits them the best.

People who are just starting in Microsoft Azure should go for the Fundamental Level of certification. Since Microsoft Azure, Fundamental Certificate trains and then tests candidates exhaustively on their knowledge and understanding of the concepts involved in Microsoft Azure. These people clear the Fundamental Levels are viewed as the perfect candidate for entry-level and intermediate level MS Azure jobs.

Microsoft Associate Level certificate equips you with an upgraded level of understanding. At the fundamental level, you read about the basics of the trade. At the Associate level, you start developing specialization from the available options. People aspiring to jumpstart their career as an administrator, or developer, or security engineer in MS Azure should go ahead with an Associate Level of certification.

As the name suggests, Microsoft Expert is something you should choose if you are planning to become the industry leader in MS Azure. This level of certification is rare among professionals. Only a handful of MS Azure professionals get awarded this esteemed certificate.

Irrespective of what level of certificate you are going after, you must go ahead. Each level of MS Azure certificate is designed to impart on the specific traits of MS Azure. No matter where you start, the only way in MS Azure is ahead.

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