Where to Buy Surgical Mask in Canada?

As people become more aware of how viruses can spread easily, the idea of wearing a face mask has grown more popular. It was a known trend in some countries such as China, South Korea, and Singapore to wear a face mask when you are sick or showing symptoms of a cold to prevent others from catching the virus as well.

Wearing a face mask is also recommended when you are going to busy areas if you want to protect yourself during the flu season.

Of course now, it has become popular to do so all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Depending on the type of mask you wear, you could be fully protected or partially protected. It’s also important to note that wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth should not be considered as an alternative to washing your hands or keeping your distance from someone who has symptoms.

One of the most affordable and preferable type of face masks is the surgical mask. The surgical mask offers breathability features and can be adjusted to fit comfortable around the face. This type of mask can seal to your face to work properly without making it difficult for you to breath through it.

What are surgical masks?

Surgical masks are a disposable face coverings that protect the person wearing it, as well as the people surrounding the wearer. A surgical mask can block a big number of particle droplets and splashes in the air, meaning it will block respiratory droplets that could lead to infecting others.

Surgical masks can be made from paper or made with polypropylene to filter out small and big particles. For healthcare workers and people who work in a dental environment, it is crucial to wear surgical masks along with other personal protective equipment and disposing them between each patient they treat.

Each surgical mask is made in different levels of thickness and can come with a variety of protective layers but they all achieve the same goal, which is protecting the wearer and others around them from respiratory splashes.

What are the different types of masks?

The World Health Organization recommends wearing a face mask to protect yourself from viruses and to help limit the spread to others. They became known among healthcare workers to avoid contaminating a patient during surgery and to prevent germs from entering their respiratory system.

Surgical masks are classified in four categories, depending on how much it can protect the person who wears it. These categories are:

• Minimum protection: Made for healthcare workers who will do a quick exam or short procedure on a patient without using instruments that sprays, spreads fluid, or uses aerosol.
• Level 1: This surgical mask can resist 80 mmHg of fluid and it comes with ear loops that are common with surgical and procedural masks. It is used for low-risk situations such as healthcare workers doing a standard exam that won’t include any type of fluid spraying in the air or aerosol.
• Level 2: This type is made with a barrier that can resist 120 mmHg of fluid that comes from light to moderate procedures where aerosol, fluids, and spraying might get in the air.
• Level 3: The most commonly used surgical mask among healthcare workers surgeons, and dentists. It is made to protect the wearer from the heaviest exposure to aerosol, spray, and fluid. It can resist 160 mmHg of fluid.

Surgical masks are known to be used as a barrier against splashes or aerosols such as the fluids spraying from a patient’s mouth during a dental procedure or dental cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner.

The fit of surgical masks is looser than other types of masks such as surgical respirators, which are made to completely eliminate airborne particles that cause infections by sealing around the nose and mouth. Surgical respirators are only used by healthcare workers who will treat patients that carry viral infections and viruses.

How do I wear a surgical mask?

To get the most level of protection from wearing a surgical mask, you must wear a medical-grade mask that has three layers with a filter between. Since surgical masks are made in one size, it could be difficult to fit perfectly on someone who has a smaller face.

Many people who wear surgical masks are not aware that they are meant to fit loosely, but that shouldn’t mean that you can leave the sides of your face exposed to harmful particles that could infect you with a virus.

If the size of the surgical mask fits your face perfect, start by placing the ear loop behind your ears and then put your mask on your nose and mouth to cover them. The last step is pinching the wire on the top of your mask where it sits on the bridge of your nose tightly to prevent respirator particles from flying in. The last step will also prevent your glasses from fogging up when you breathe heavily.

If the surgical mask is too wide for your face, don’t worry! There is a popular hack to fix that problem. Start by folding your mask in half and tying a knot on the side of each ear loop and make it as close as possible to the edge of the mask. Next step is opening up your mask to cover your nose and mouth. Place the ear loops behind your ears and make sure that the mask is not exposing your cheeks or underneath your chin.

It is important to note that if your mask becomes soiled, you must dispose of it immediately. You can reuse disposable surgical masks as long as they are not damaged, soiled, difficult to breathe through.

To extend the use of surgical mask, you must avoid touching the outside of your mask unless you have washed your hands with soap and water. You could contaminate your mask with your hands without knowing.

Store your surgical masks by folding them inward to prevent any type of particles from spraying on it and contaminating it.

Where to buy surgical masks in Canada?

A surgical mask is necessary to protect yourself from catching infectious viruses and doing simple things around the home such as dusting off your windows.

Here are the best sites to purchase surgical masks from in Canada:

Clinical Supplies Canada

Clinical Supplies Canada is known for providing the highest quality masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. You can purchase FDA approved surgical masks, as well as KN95 masks.

Clinical Supplies Canada carries disposable surgical masks that come with three layers of filtration to offer the best protection. You can purchase them in a bulk or a box of 50 masks, 100 masks, 200 masks, and 500 masks. They also ship orders within 1 to 3 days.


Amazon is a site that’s a favorite among many consumers, as they sell everything you need from beauty and personal care to smart home devices. It is no surprise that Amazon provides products that can be used as personal protective equipment.

You can find a wide selection of disposable surgical masks that are made with 3 layers for the ultimate fluid-resistant safety. The surgical masks sold on Amazon will give you the freedom to choose the color you want, as well as how many you want in one box.

Depending on the seller, you could get free shipping with Amazon Prime and have it delivered to your door within two days.


Goltum is a company based in Montreal, Canada and they are famously known among hospitals, as they sell the highest quality personal protection equipment that is FDA certified. Goltum’s factories are also listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s white list.

Goltum provides a large selection of disposable surgical masks and reusable face masks for all ages. You can also find face masks made out of cotton, face shields, and clips that you can use to place the ear loops behind your head instead of your ears.

Goltum ships ordered items within 24 hours and offers free shipping for orders that are over $100.


eBay is another great site that is similar to Amazon. You can find the best deals and the most competitive prices for any item on eBay.

Disposable surgical masks are extremely affordable on eBay and some sellers will offer free shipping with your order. Make sure that before making a purchase you read the description provided by the seller to check if the surgical mask has three filtration layers and is FDA certified.

Everbright Global

Everbright Global is a great Canadian company that imports medical essentials such as personal protective equipment to provide it to hospitals all over the country. On Everbright Global you will find everything you need to protect yourself from viral infections and viruses.

They provide disposable surgical masks, as well as KN95 that are FDA certified. You will find affordable prices on Everbright and you can get free delivery on orders that are over $80.

Everbright also has a 30-day return policy to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

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