From the authors of bestseller Freakonomics, Stephen D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, comes a new book which is essentially a readers pick of their best posts from their blog, Freakonomics, titled When to Rob a Bank: …And 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-intended Rants. After first publishing Freakonomics, both of the authors thought that their work will be unsuccessful, however, it turned out to be quite popular, spawning more work including the aforementioned blog. As the blog has been present on the web for almost a decade, Dubner and Levitt decided it was time to offer their unique and well-researched insight into various, seemingly unimportant, matters like why flight attendants don’t get tips in a form of a new book.

When to Rob a Bank cover

The cover of When to Rob a Bank

After publishing around 8.000 posts on their blog, which were considered mostly bad even by the duo, and using more casual language which is easier to relate to, the authors give you answers about questions rarely asked and show you how the world really works. To relieve the suspense which the title of their latest work creates; it is never a good time to rob a bank. But you can learn why and what people lie about, the best way to cut gun deaths and why does KFC always run out of chicken.

This work also offer a glimpse into what makes the authors the way they are. It gives insight into their issues and passions like golf, gambling and backgammon. All in all, this will probably be the most interesting and odd read you will get this year.

Get it from Amazon here.

When to Rob a Bank authors

The authors of the work, Stephen J. Dubner (left) and Stephen D. Levitt (right)

When to Rob a Bank Freakonomics

The book that started it all, Freakonomics

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