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If you like to travel a lot and explore different regions, cultures and lifestyles, you’ll probably soon end up buying a fresh SIM in every country you visit – which is neither convenient nor affordable but is often necessary if you want to stay in touch with the folks you care about most. Then again, why not give WhatSim a go instead of cashing out on local SIM cards every now and again during your world travels?

User interface of WhatSim app

Created by Italian global low-cost roaming operator Zeromobile with avid WhatsApp users in mind, WhatSim is a cool-looking SIM card that can access the services of over 400 operators in around 150 world countries, allowing you to chat away over the WhatsApp messaging application completely free of charge.

And here’s how it works: this convenient SIM automatically connects your phone to the best provider in the area depending on location analysis and lets you send and receive limitless WhatsApp texts for free, without the need to buy a local SIM card, hunt down Wi-Fi signals or pay ridiculously high roaming data fees. In case you decide to send more than plain texts and use more demanding WhatsApp functions like photo and video exchange, multimedia and voice messages and location and contact sharing, you’ll have to get your hands on one of the available credit packages.

SIM card of WhatSim by Whatsapp

The standard WhatSim card comes at the price of €10 and needs to be renewed annually, so it’s an extremely cost-effective solution for all frequent travelers looking to cut their travel expenses.

Available in three different sizes (nano, micro and standard), WhatSim should be upgraded with voice call support as soon as WhatsApp adds this option to its list of communication services, so don’t put off your WhatSim purchase for long – with this convenient card, there’s no longer any need for you to spend another cent on international communication services during your international trips. [via]

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