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What is time and what is it really about? Which moments are important and why do we cherish them? What if you get lost in the moment? What are friends really for? These are only some of the questions the makers of What? Watch are trying to answer. They have made a completely new concept of what time is all about and maybe, just maybe, they are more on the right track than all the watchmakers so far.

A man wearing What Watch

The new concept of time, and of a watch: What? Watch.

The idea behind this unusual minimal watch is to start living for moments, not just living through them. It allows you to save them at the exact time they happen and have a memory of them with you forever. What? is it all about? Well, the watch that looks just like any other actually has a red button that allows you to “stop the time” – or at least mark it. You can add up to five moments each month and they will shine on the watch for you to remember it every time you look at it.

What watch characteristics

It’s not a smart watch – it’s better.

The watch is connected to What? Now app that will allow you to write down more details about the moment you want to save, add photos and have it saved in your own personal diary. It features monochromatic e-ink display, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and dual batteries that will last you a long time and don’t need charging – you can just change them when the time comes. And, it shows the time too.

A man holding What watch and an iPhone

Connect it to an iPhone or Android app and save your precious moments.

Get it in four different styles: Classic, Modern, Radar or Pocket – whichever will suit you best. Buy it for yourself or a loved one this Christmas and start the New Year with great memories that you can now have saved like never before.

Here’s what it’s all about…

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