What to Expect From the Top Torrent Clients Available for Mac

Taking a look at some of the top torrent clients available for Mac currently and how to go about choosing the right one to fit your file sharing needs.

The advent of filesharing has made software, movies, and other types of large files more accessible than ever before. There’s a common misconception that using a torrent client to download files automatically equates to piracy, though.

If you already have usage rights of something (such as owning the physical copy of a DVD) or the person sharing files with you gives you permission to use intellectual property they own, there aren’t any legal indiscretions taking place.

When it comes to torrenting on Mac, though, not everyone knows which client to choose.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the top torrent clients for Apple computers.


This application free to use and comes complete with a sleek, simple interface. it also comes with a built-in media player that you’re able to use to play audio and video files.

Additionally, you can also use the media player to share files of these types directly from your computer.

It’s important to note, though, that FrostWire occasionally adds additional software to your lift of downloads. While not all of the sponsored programs will harm your computer, there’s occasionally third-party software that’s questionable in nature.

So, be sure to uncheck these programs from your list of downloads before you choose to download something with FrostWire’s app.


Many torrent clients utilize websites as a medium to conduct downloads. Vuze, however, allows you to download from directly within the client. As a built-in feature, you can also remotely manage your downloads from a separate location.

In general, there are very few reported issues with Vuze as a torrent client. Occasionally, though, users find that they experience errors during installation. In rare cases, this can lead to the program being unusable depending on the machine’s current operating system version.

Overall, Vuze is a reliable client that can help users quickly download and organize their desired files.


The main benefit Transmission provides is its notably-low RAM usage. This leaves plenty of resources left to engage in other activities while the torrent client is functioning.

An additional unique attribute that Transmission possesses is its ability to integrate with your computer’s operating system. This can both make it more accessible and increase its overall efficiency.

Users should keep in mind that its interface (although simple) can sometimes have too much minimalism, making it difficult to find features that would otherwise be obvious on other clients.


Users who dislike advertisements within free programs will be pleased to learn that qBittorrent is free of any ads. In addition to convenience, this also makes the program safer to use since you won’t have the risk of accidentally clicking on ads that lead to malicious downloads.

qBittorrent also offers a more direct form of file downloading, which will often save users time while filesharing. Its sleek interface and ease of use on Mac computers make it a top contender when choosing torrenting programs.


This client possesses a unique algorithm that prevents it from downloading unbundled software. As a result, users will have an easier time finding programs that actually work as they’re intended to.

Its interface is also deceptively simple. Although it’s relatively minimal like Transmission’s interface, it offers a wide array of options and features that allow users to customize their downloading preferences.

This level of convenience and ease of use that BitLord provides make it suitable for both beginner and advanced torrent users.

Folx Pro

At the moment, Folx is the only torrent client that is fully supported by Mac’s Catalina OS. This attribute in itself is enough to make it the most accessible client that users can take advantage of.

Its qualities don’t end there, though. Folx Pro offers a large handful of parameters that users can adjust in order to customize their downloads. These include:

• File priority
• Upload speed
• Download speed regulation
• File tagging for convenience

You’re also able to schedule your downloads to occur at a predetermined time. For further convenience, Folx Pro’s intuitive search function aids users in finding the best torrent trackers for that particular download.

Overall, Folx Pro is a reliable torrent client that most people can teach themselves to use in a matter of minutes.
You can learn more about this Mac Torrent client here.


Although this client is known for its small size, uTorrent provides plenty of speed when it comes to downloads. Part of this stems from its capability to search for downloads directly through the app, saving users time when looking for the files they need.

Unfortunately, the free version of the app includes advertisements, which can prove to be an inconvenience to most users. As previously mentioned, though, exercising safe habits in the form of unchecking unwanted downloads can virtually eliminate this issue.

On a more positive note, uTorrent provides a wide array of customization options when it comes to how you manage your downloads. These include both scripting and remote access, which can give you the opportunity to run the program exactly how you see fit.

Choosing From the Top Torrent Clients Can Seem Difficult But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about the top torrent clients for Mac in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward finding the program that best suits your needs.

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