What to Consider When Sending Employees Overseas

Sending employees overseas is the core part of the business processes nowadays. As the companies expand their business, they need reliable representatives in the new locations to handle the work and help the new recruits understand the line of work. There are plenty of options when sending your employees abroad; the relocation can be for an indefinite period or a short-term project-based assignment. Whatever be the type of relocation, if you are sending your employee abroad, you must know the basics. Here are a few tips that would help.

Be wise when choosing the employee for relocation

It is very important that you send the right person to abroad. Be through with your assessment and choose the right employee for the relocation. Simply picking the best man for the job is not the ideal way of assessment. You must also check who the employee is, for example:
• Is the employee able to adapt easily. As the employee will be moving to a new place, it will need a wide range of adjustments. The language, culture, food and environment at the foreign country would be completely different than in the hometown. The employee will have to face stress, both personally and professionally, and hence must be able to overcome it. The employee must be able to quickly adapt. The more resourceful a person is the better he/she will be able to overcome the adversities they face. Also, check whether the employee has the necessary training, like inclusion and diversity training. With diversity and inclusion training, you be sure the employee will be on their best behaviour.
• The marital status of the person as well as the family is very important when making the decision. If the person and married and also has children, make sure they are ready to relocate without hassle. It is best to ensure that the family move with the employee. You do not want to make the arrangements for the employee to return just because their family cannot adjust back at home.
• Ensure the employee is healthy to survive in the new country. Every country is different and the climate and several other elements can affect the health of an employee. Of the employee has health conditions, that can become worse in the climate in the new country, it will not be a good decision to send them to the new location.

Make an enticing offer to the employee to make the relocation exciting

As soon as you know who the right employee is for the relocation, you must present an offer to make the entire process enticing for the employee. This will make the employee perceive the move as a positive change in their life and give their best at the job. If the employee will feel obligated and not be happy about the move, they will be demotivated at work and won’t be able to perform the best. This is why expert moving companies emphasize on having a well-planned relocation policy. The more tempting your relocation package will be, the tougher it will be for the employees to turn it down.
To start with, you must offer a guarantee that the employee will be offered the same position after he returns back after the completion of the assignment. Job insecurity is most likely to make an employee refuse the relocation offer.

Take help from the best moving companies in planning your relocation package. Make sure you have compensation and other benefits included in your relocation policy. Some additional incentives to add to the offering include:
• Offer a pat increase to the employee or a lump sum bonus or annual bonus to the employee relocating.
• Be sure to arrange of language and cultural training for the employee. This will help the employee be prepared for the change and also have trust in your support system while he/she is in the foreign country.
• Offer coverage for the family’s moving expense. An employee moving with family will need a cover for the family expenses as well. Make sure your relocation package covers such costs effectively.
Also if required, help the employee with the visa, passports and other requirements related to immigration of the employee’s family.
• Offer assistance in finding the housing facility, best neighborhood, school and other related facilities. You can also arrange a trip to the new country for the employee for them to evaluate their options and make informed choices.
• Medical insurance and life cover are also crucial offerings that you must include in the package.
• Help the employee with tax planning. The tax rules can be different in the new country and the employee would need your help in going through them and understanding it. Make sure you offer the desired assistance to your employees and save them from tax troubles.

The more considerate you will be about the need of the employee when relocating, the better would be the process for you as well as the employee. Make sure you use these moving tips and make it beneficial for you and the employee to have a safe and smooth international relocation.

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