What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School


It doesn’t take much effort to become an amateur photographer. Of course, you need to love to do it and basically any camera can serve you. The tricky part is transitioning to pro and developing your own business. This is where this book comes in handy. What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School focuses on “The secrets of the trade that will make you a success in the industry”.

Not everyone has what it takes to become successful. This book will show you what it’s really like to be a professional photographer and what are the important things to focus on if you want to achieve your goal. It’s written by Demetrius Fordham, a professional commercial and portrait photographer. He’ll teach you everything from commercial, editorial and lifestyle photography to things like how to impress at an interview.

What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School is full of useful real-life advice. It doesn’t focus on the photography that much but on the nature of the business. You’ll learn about the best internships, what job photography assistants do, how to develop good relations with clients and what are the most important things you need to know when making your own portfolio.

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