What Privacy Issues You may face while traveling to China

Frankly speaking, China is a safe country to travel for recreation purpose. The people you meet there are generally honest, trustworthy and friendly. However, when you land in China, you will notice that you cannot access your favorite social media sites and services.
In this situation, you have to use a best VPN in China to unblock different social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others. Similarly, you can face other issues while traveling to China that are described below.


Undoubtedly, cybercrime has become one of the major problems in China. Therefore, you should reduce your devices’ vulnerabilities by updating your software including antivirus software and your operating system.

Likewise, you must delete or uninstall any program or app you do not use on a regular basis. After arriving in the county, you should turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections in case you do not use them quite often. This way, online attackers have fewer potential weak security links to exploit.

Besides, you must encrypt your devices’ hard drives too. By doing so, hackers cannot access to your crucial files even if they hacked your devices. Moreover, you should transfer your sensitive files that you do not want to be unprotected to another device before traveling to China.

Once you have landed in China, do not update your apps through an insecure Wi-Fi connection. You should use a VPN to secure your internet connection if it is important to update the apps or wait until you go back to your native country.

Download apps you want to use in China

You cannot use different apps like Google Play, Line, Viber, Periscope, Discord and WhatsApp in China. Thus, you must download these apps before entering to the Chinese territory. Otherwise, you will not be able to download these apps while staying in the country.

Other oppressive countries like Iran, Saudi Arab, UAE and others follow the footsteps of China as some of these social media services are banned in these countries. Hence, they have to rely on country VPNs to continue using their preferred social media services anonymously.

Leave your laptop and other mobile devices at home

If you are traveling to China due to an official reason, you should use a laptop designated by your employer. This safety tactic can surely reduce the risk associated with how much information could fall into the wrong hands. Regardless, which device you use, do not leave any of them at the public places.

On the other hand, you can buy a low cost mobile phone that provides enough functionality and data storage capabilities. In addition, the device should not create a problem for you even if someone steals it.

Change your current passwords

Before leaving your native country, you should change the passwords of all those devices, which you want to use in China. Apart from this, always use complex passwords, as they do not allow intruders to compromise your passwords.

Do not use public charging spots

If you do not want to connect to any third party computer unintentionally, you should not charge your phones through public kiosks. Instead, you should carry and use your own power bank chargers when you want to recharge your mobile phones.

Final Words

All these steps mentioned above can improve your cybersecurity but the best way to keep your devices secure is to leave them at home before you go to China. You can perform your crucial online tasks using another smartphone on a temporary basis. However, you can still protect your devices with a VPN that helps you safeguard your online footprints at the time of staying in the country.

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