What Makes ID Badge Holders A Great Choice For Your Staff?

Badges are essential in many workplaces. Apart from security, it is another way of branding and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. With the right ID badge design and badge holder, you can create a way for employees to remember each other’s names more easily. It can further strengthen employee connection and increase engagement.

Obviously, security is the major reason why companies issue ID cards and badge holders. Thus, you need to keep the proper design in mind. An appropriate ID badge holder will allow your staff to handle their cards nicely and display them without damaging the paper.

Formerly, a white badge holder with simple material was used in the organizations. But with the availability of many choices in materials, colors, and designs, you can choose a unique style or go for customized holders.

Creating an aesthetic badge holder for your staff is important as it represents your brand image as well. However, what makes an ID badge holder a great choice? Follow these tips for a custom badge holder, and you can get the right choice for your employees:

Choose According to Types of the Cards

While all badge holders are designed to perform the same basic function, you need to have different holder depending on the card types:
• Smart cards
• If you’re wearing smart cards, then you may need a rigid badge holder as it can prevent inserted credentials from bending.
• Magnetic stripe card
• If your employees are using a Magnetic stripe card, then you may need a holder that makes it easy to swipe the card.

Select the Right Material

Since the badge holders are going to be used by your employees, it needs to be durable and appealing. So you need to choose materials like PVC or PET. You may laminate the badges as it will keep the holder looking brighter and newer for a long time. It can additionally make your card tamper-proof.

Choose Your Orientation

The badge holder’s orientation is an essential part. You can choose either vertical or horizontal orientation. However, remember that a horizontally designed cardholder will be easy to carry. The way the holder is displayed will determine where the slot is placed for a clip or lanyard. It additionally affects the design process.

Coordinate with your designer to make sure the elements you need will work well with the chosen orientation.

Remember the Size Matters

Before you start working on the badge holder design, make sure you know the standard size of your ID card and your employee’s preference. Identify how employees will wear it or use the card. Is it a lanyard or rectangle badge? Make sure the size you select fits the badge. If you’re creating some custom badge holders, you can increase or decrease the size as per the need.

Bring In Your Organizations Color

Sometimes, you may need to show your brand color in the customized holder. However, be careful not to use so many colors that it overpowers the font. Choose colors that comply with your branding standards.

Choose Your Design Elements

Trying different things with a badge holder is the best way to explore new options. Sometimes you can also place your brand logo or mission statement on the badge holder to make it unique. Pull all your important elements together before you start designing your badge holder.

Implement Security Elements

The question is, what kind of security element does your badge holder need? These may include QR codes at the back, bar codes, or anything. Before you start designing your badge holder, you should define which features are important to you and plan accordingly.

Silicon Cell Phone Wallet Style

You may even think of something new like a silicon cell phone wallet. It can adhere to the back of the cell phone to make it a readily available accessory. Your employees can easily remember the ID card and find it in their cell phones wallet. After all, very few people leave home without a cell phone.

How Many Cards Have You Issued?

A badge holder has room for one card. However, some organizations issue multiple cards to their employees, such as one card for login information and another for making a payment in the cafeteria.

If your organization has issued a single card, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you need a holder that can carry more than one card, you may need to narrow down your search.

Now that you have understood the custom holder design for your employees, you can easily choose the ideal one.

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