What Is a High Roller Casino?

If you are new to the world of casinos, you may be wondering why everyone seems to mention a high roller as if in a state of awe. It’s almost as if they are speaking of a celebrity or a demigod. Actually, they aren’t far off the mark. Casinos treat high rollers with the respect they’ve earned. However, the one thing which you should probably understand right up front is that the casino isn’t the high roller – the player is. Let’s take a look at what that means.

What Exactly Is a High Roller?

Loosely defined, a high roller is a player who wagers large sums of money and is thus treated as royalty in the casinos they frequent. A high roller is someone who plays “high on the hog,” and is unafraid to take a risk. They will lay down large amounts of money without a care if they lose it and, as mentioned, are willing to take on huge amounts of risk. It’s what sets them apart from average gamblers who set limits for themselves, gamble wisely and don’t go beyond the boundaries they’ve set. So then, with all that in mind, the way to determine the best high roller online casino would be to look at the perks they offer their high rollers.

Each Casino Sets Their Own Standards

When it comes to the perks high rollers enjoy, there really is no rule of thumb except just one. Once a player has earned high roller status, casinos are willing to extend higher amounts of credit to bankroll wagers being made. This is where the risk comes in. If you are wagering higher amounts of money, the risk gets proportionately larger. That person is a ‘high’ roller in more ways than one! They are playing higher sums but are also risking higher amounts. When it comes to gambling, the two go hand in hand. You only risk that which you wager, and this is why every person who enters a casino, online or land-based, is advised to wager only that which they are comfortable risking.

Is It Really Something to Covet?

Getting back to the way in which high rollers are regarded with awe, you might ask yourself if it’s really something to covet? Yes, they get treated with more respect at the casinos and are offered perks based on their ‘high roller’ status, but that isn’t always a good thing. It is imperative that you keep in mind exactly what a high roller is, and this is something we haven’t touched on yet. A high roller is a seasoned gambler who has experience in working the system.

A high roller doesn’t often leave things to chance. Being an experienced player, they know their strengths and weaknesses. This is how they got to the point where they have an excess to lay down. It isn’t wise for the average, occasional player to think it’s all about that one big win. A high roller doesn’t count on that, and neither should you. Safe wagers may not pay out as much, but they have that safety net working for them. That’s what you should take away from all this.

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