What Fire Blankets Are and Why They Are Important

Flame blankets are non-flammable items that can be used to lighten fires by lowering oxygen levels. These safety devices can withstand temperatures up to 482°C. The best way to avoid serious mishaps at work and home are with fire blankets. These flame retardant blankets should be available at your workplace and home, as well as fire extinguishers.

Fire blankets also help to prevent burns from occurring during the evacuation of civilians trapped inside a building. The heat-resistant material used in fire blankets can block oxygen from reaching the air surrounding the person who has been wrapped. This makes it less likely that fires will spread or become out of control.

Large fire blankets are best, as they can cover all surfaces in the space where they are stored. Many people who purchase fire blankets for their workplace keep multiples of them. This allows for the control of large-scale fires. It is also recommended to train your employees on how to use it in an emergency.

What Is the Use of Fire Blankets?

Although fire blankets can be used anywhere, they are especially useful for homes. Every home should have at least one of these blankets. They can be stored in the kitchen, as there are higher chances of a fire starting.

You can hang them near exit points in buildings and workplaces. They can be used to escape large fire outbreaks without causing much harm.

Benefits of Fire Blankets

They Save Lives

This is the most significant benefit of fire blankets in workplace safety. A fire blanket can make the difference between life or death when someone sets themselves ablaze. To put out the flames, cover them with the fire blanket.

Your employees can run if the offshore oil and gas plant is set on fire. To ensure their safety, they can wrap themselves in a blanket. This helps to reduce workplace casualties from fire. Fire blankets can only be used for small light fires. They should cover the flames and deprive them of oxygen.

It Helps to Control Grease and Kitchen Fires

Grease fires are most common in kitchens. Although they can seem small, they can quickly grow quite large if they are not appropriately managed. These safety gadgets are extremely useful and essential for your kitchen. Make sure you only purchase a fire blanket that is specifically designed for kitchen fires. You should also consider purchasing a more oversized blanket in case of bigger grease fires.

It’s Easy to Use

The best thing about using a fire blanket? It is super easy to use. There may be confusion about how to pull the pin and operate the handle when using extinguishers. The fire blanket is exempt from this. You don’t need any formal training. You need to unfold the blanket and place it on top of the fire. These blankets are so simple to use, and even a child can put one over a fire in an emergency.

It’s Great for Helping People On Fire

Fire is easier to manage if it is contained in a specific area. What happens if you come across someone who is on fire? You have fewer options to put them out safely.

This is where the fire blanket comes in. The blanket can be used to extinguish a fire on them safely. All you need is to wrap it around the fire and put it out. You can also use it to protect them from the flames during an escape.

It Prevents Fire from Spreading Fast
Fire spreads quickly from one building to another, causing property and life loss. To stop small fires in your home that are at high risk of spreading rapidly, you can use fire blankets. This prevents the fire from spreading quickly, which can save you from significant losses of life and property.

It’s Affordable and Easy to Store

A fire blanket is affordable even for small businesses. This is why it’s a viable option, regardless of how big your business is. You can store them in cabinets at strategic locations, making them easier to find.

They can be washed and reused. They are easy to maintain and cost-effective because they don’t have any mechanical parts that could fail.

Suitable for Outdoor Fires Too

While blankets are an outdated strategy for putting an end to a fire, it is highly recommended to use fire blankets. Outdoor fires can quickly get out of control. This is because of the high levels of oxygen around. You can quickly get rid of chaos by having several fire blankets available. You won’t need to worry about fire problems because the flames won’t have oxygen.


Fire emergencies can prove fatal, especially if one doesn’t understand the first steps to take when dealing with one. Because no one can predict when a fire might start, it is important to have the proper knowledge and training. For children younger than 10, it is a good idea to give them a fire drill education. This will help to ensure their safety and to explain when you should use a fire blanket. In times of disaster, it is important to maintain a positive mental state. To ensure family protection, make sure you take precautions and prepare an evacuation plan.

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