What Can You Do If You’re Injured in a Casino?

Nobody goes to the casino thinking that they’re going to get hurt, but it happens much more often than many people imagine. Casinos can be deceptively dangerous. First of all, you’re always going to have a certain element of risk whenever alcohol is involved. Casinos can get very busy as well, and collisions between staff and patrons can happen. Then there’s everything that happens around casinos you have to worry about. This is why you should know what should be done in case you get injured during a visit. Here’s what you can do if you’re injured in a casino.

Document Everything

The very first thing you have to do if you get injured in a gambling establishment is contact the staff immediately and have them file a report. This will usually be either management or security. The report needs to document the scene and accident in as much detail as possible. It would also be a time to get some witness information and recorded accounts, as well as a copy of the accident report.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Next, you have to see a doctor immediately. They will be crucial in establishing that you suffered real and serious damage in the accident. If you wait too long to go to the doctor or don’t follow their advice, this will come back to hurt you. After all, if you didn’t bother to seek medical attention or didn’t follow procedures, how can the court take you seriously?

Understand the Law

Next, you need to understand what duty of care is under the law. We also suggest that you stay abreast of the latest gambling news so you can be aware of any changes in legislation. Duty of care is the level of safety and security a casino should provide to patrons. In one famous case, a patron was able to sue a casino after slipping on the marble floor outside of the casino after a spillage.

While a fall on its own wouldn’t have been enough to seek damages, it’s the fact that the spillage wasn’t cleaned in time that allowed the plaintiff to be successful. So, you have to understand that simply getting injured on the premises is not grounds to sue.

Speak with a Lawyer

Now that you should have a clearer idea of the validity of your case, it’s time to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Some of them are specialised in casino accidents, but any qualified personal injury lawyer should be able to handle this type of case. Ask what their experience is and how much you can expect to get in your judgement. A lawyer may be able to see holes in the casino’s argument if they try to deny liability. A skilled lawyer will also allow you to avoid some of the tricks the other party and their insurance will try to use to discredit your claim.

This is all you need to know if you’re ever involved in an accident in a casino. The most important part is making sure that your actions after the fact are consistent with your claim, and that you take action immediately.

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