What are the most common problems with newly built houses?

It should go without saying that brand new houses are going to be less work than houses that have been lived in for decades already. But that doesn’t mean that new-builds don’t come with their fair share of challenges. With the property ladder so difficult for first-timers to get a hold on these days, more people than ever before are deciding to develop and build their own homes from scratch or move into brand new housing developments that might offer financial incentives to new buyers. But, what are some of the surprisingly common problems with these new developments?

Badly fitted windows and doors

If doors and windows have been fitted badly it doesn’t just pose a severe security risk. It also means cold air could be let into your house. If you’re looking to buying a newly built property then don’t assume that the doors and windows will be fitted well just because it’s new. Demand an inspection.

Poor electrics

We live in a modern world that requires more electricity than ever before to function. Particularly if you’re one of the thousands of people now working from home, it’s imperative that there is enough wiring in your home. Think about the appliances and lighting you’re going to want in each room of the house and consult with the building’s electrician. Because if they’ve skimped on the wiring then you might want to take a hard pass.

Uneven flooring

There’s nothing more noticeable in a home than uneven flooring. If you’re viewing a new property, always take a spirit level with you.

Water leakages

Water is a necessary part of all homes but while you want it in the bath and in the sinks you certainly don’t want it leaking from the drains. If you notice water stains around the home then there might be a leak somewhere that has been caused by a badly built fitting.

Gaps and cracks

If your home is one of dozens or even hundreds that’s been built as part of a development then there might have been a few corners cut when it comes to finishing touches. That means gaps and cracks in decking and in the walls, cracks in the sidewalks and driveways and even gaps in the floorboards.

A new build is always going to be an enticing prospect for certain homebuyers. But don’t be fooled into thinking everything is going to be 100% just because the house is younger than you are. Also, remember that architects and other construction professionals have the responsibility to deliver professional results and they can be held liable for any construction errors. So, if you’ve bought a new home recently that hasn’t met your expectation, contact a no win no fee negligence solicitor today.

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