WeMo | A Wifi-Enabled Light And Appliance Switch


We’ve all seen those futuristic movies where somebody claps their hands or says, “Lights on!” and, lo and behold, the lights switch on instantly. Well, we are living in the future right now and with smartphone integration into our world, products like the WeMo WiFi-Enabled switch are created.

Designed to make life easier, the WeMo is an easy to use switch with which you can remotely control your appliances and lights.

The WeMo comes in two different forms; namely, a light switch and an appliance switch. The light switch needs to be installed but the appliance switch is extremely easy to use since you merely plug it into your existing wall socket, plug your appliance in and you are set to go. Check out the video below.

Wemo wall appliance socket

The WeMo is extremely easy to use. Simply plug one, or multiple units, into the wall, connect the nodes via the master smartphone application and you instantly have remote control over all your appliances.

By being WiFi enabled, the WeMo connects to your network and then, with the free WeMo application, you can remotely switch your appliances on or off via both Android and iOS based phones. This allows you to switch on a heater or an aircon before you get home, so that you can relax in comfort. Or perhaps you had forgotten an appliance on but there is no worry because you can instantly turn it off remotely.

Wemo mobile app and wall appliance unit

What you can control with the WeMo is only limited by your imagination and the best part is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

The WeMo also allows you to set schedules as well as receive customized notifications and it is compatible with Alexa which allows you to activate everything hands-free with your voice. The WeMo has an electrical rating of 120V at 15A running 1800W.

Get it from Amazon here.

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