Spanish designer Martín Azúa invites you to restore your relationship with nature by designing Wellspring – an unusual looking porous vase that is spherical in shape with a mouth in the front and a smaller hole at the top.

The concept is devised to simulate an ecosystem, with soil, rocks and plants, which are nourished by a perpetual interaction with water.

What makes Wellspring truly one of a kind is the way in which plants are watered – the vase comes with a terracotta bowl that is meant to be positioned beneath it to collect the dew that drips from the vase’s surface. This liquid is then used to water the plant.

water dripping from the bottom of the porous Wellspring

The designer says that the dew is like “raindrops falling on the inside of a cave, purified and enriched by the water lifecycle”.

Wellspring is currently on display at Barcelona’s Roca Gallery, as part of the “Biomimesis, Design Inspired by Nature” exhibition.

Porous bottom part of the Wellspring by Martin Azua

Jebiga Martin Azua Wellspring

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