Wearevr ET-1 | VR Goggles For Your Smartphone


Virtual reality headsets have been taking the world by storm throughout this last year and as the technology improves, costs are dropping and different types of headsets are being produced. Bringing something new to smartphone tech, is the WeAreVR ET-1 VR Goggles for your smartphone.

The WeAreVR ET-1 VR Goggles were designed specifically to be used with your smartphone as a projector.

Smartphone holder shot of the ET-1

By simply sliding your smartphone into the holder and playing games or videos through an applicable VR app, you are set to go and journey through your very own VR world.

The ET-1 is very simple to use and is compatible with phones that have a screen size anywhere between 3.5” and 6”. This means that it is compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus as well as with the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge and the Note 4. These goggles come with a holder that securely fastens your phone while you go on your virtual journey. To maximize viewing pleasure, the lenses are 42 mm in diameter and are constructed from 8 nano-multilayer resin that has been laser cut as well as polished 5 times to bring out a pristine finish. Check out the video below.

Picture of glasses in the ET-1

Because the lens to pupil distance is adjustable, the ET-1 allows those that wear glasses to still use them.

The lenses are adjustable as well and have been designed to reduce deformity and remove glare so that you suffer less eye strain. What makes the ET-1 unique as well, is the fact that the lens depth and pupil distance are completely adjustable which means that you don’t need to take off your glasses to use them. These goggles also come with a removable front plate that allows you to rotate your phone or as a window to use your camera, in the event that it would enhance the VR.

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