We Took To The Woods Candles


We Took To The Woods is an American shop that makes beautiful scented candles inspired by the woods. They celebrate the changing of seasons, the balance between old and new and memories each season invokes. It’s all about enjoying the simple pleasures and living in the moment.

Every single candle is prepared with care, hand-poured and hand-crafted from start to finish. We Took To The Woods use pure soy wax and 100% cotton wicks to produce unique scents. The candles come in a glass container and they’re wrapped with bark. Each one weighs 8.5 oz. and can burn for more than 40 hours.

We Took To The Woods Candles Wrapped With Bark

We Took To The Woods Candles are wrapped with bark and can burn for more than 40 hours.

We Took To The Woods have a unique candle philosophy: “Scent, like the power of suggestion, is to be enjoyed in subtlety and with the softest stirring of a memory you didn’t know you had.” Following this philosophy, they made a unique mixture of fragrances. Alpine Cottage Candle has a Tea Rose scent and with it they wanted to invoke the smell of fresh mountain flowers.

We Took To The Woods Candles Hand-crafted and Hand-poured

The candles are made from pure soy wax and 100% cotton wicks. They’re hand-crafted and hand-poured.

There’s also In The Glen Candle, a mixture of Cedar and Pine. This woody scented candle comes both with or without the bark around it.  Not to forget the Whiskey River Candle, a classic manly candle that balances the subtle tobacco and amber scents.

We Took To The Woods Candles Burning

We Took To The Woods offer different mixtures of subtle scents.

If you want the most out of the candle, follow a few simple tips. Firstly, leave the entire surface to melt down, but make sure to leave a bit of the wax at the bottom of the candle for safety. You should also trim the wick from time to time, to reduce the smoke and enhance the fragrance.

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