Ways of allowing extra natural light into your home

It’s a common quandary for any homeowner – how to get more natural light into your house?

It’s not just about cutting down on electricity bills by keeping the house lights off for longer, being exposed to natural light has some significant health benefits to us.

Why natural light in the home is so important

Focusing just on the health benefits, it quickly becomes clear that natural light is a vital thing to get into your life.
• Boosts Vitamin D
Bone health is proven to be improved if your body gets more Vitamin D. The human body absorbs this when exposed to sunlight.
• Improves sleep
The natural rhythms of your body are much more effective when you are in natural light and you may well find it easier to nod off at night if you keep the curtains open during the day.
• Reduces stress
Conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder can be warded off by having a home filled with natural light.
• Protect eyesight
Artificial lights are more likely to lead to eye strain as you scan dim corners in rooms.

Ways to add more natural light to your home

So, now we know how important it is to get as much natural light in our lives as possible, how do you actually go about it? Here are some top tips.
• Go lighter
Painting or wallpapering your walls lighter colours can help to reflect more natural light around your home and wards off gloomy areas where sunlight can be absorbed.
• Install larger windows
Installing a skylight can flood a room with natural light, and fitting gas struts from companies like RS will allow fresh air to filter in and complement the airy interior. Bifold doors in areas like kitchens and dining rooms are also ideal for this purpose.
• Clean the windows
If you can’t afford new windows – give your current ones a clean instead! Especially externally, windows are subjected to all of the elements and can become seriously grubby over time. You might find that a quick wipe can brighten things up. If you want to do the upstairs as well, it might be worth bringing in the professionals.
• Use mirrors
Again, this is all about reflecting the light. Cleverly placed mirrors can bounce light into darker corners and will also make rooms feel bigger – a winning combination if there ever was one.
• Cut back the garden
Whether out front or in your back garden, does your greenery get in the way of the sun’s path through the sky each day? If so, it might be time to get the shears out and take action. Again, you’ll want to get in some hired help if removing trees is required, but this is an immediate fix that can be maintained long-term.

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