Way Of WILL Essential Oil Based Body Care

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Way Of WILL is a company with a line of over 40 skin care products. Their offer spans from natural body washes and beard oils all the way to deodorants and face toners. All products are free of chemicals and perfect for your daily routine, especially those of you with an active lifestyle.

Let us start with their oils. All are 100% natural and made from a different blend of essential oils. Whether you need one before shaving, after or to nurture your beard, you’ll find something. The oils are lightweight, quickly absorbed and when used correctly, they can help you out both on a physical and mental level. That’s right, essential oils stimulate limbic system, inspire positivity and a clean mindset and get rid of environmental toxins.

Way Of WIL oil

Way Of WILL are inspired by natural ingredients and are made using a 100% essential oil base.

If you need something for your face, check out these Face Serums. Made in the same manner, they will nurture your skin whether you have sensitive, oily or dry skin. Another thing that will boost your energy before the gym is the Face Spray. Thanks to peppermint and lemon essential oils it will stimulate the circulatory system and calm tensions. Another type mixes black spruce and rosemary essential oils for energizing and mental clarity.

Way Of WIL beard and shave oils

There are several types of oils, those made for the face, after and before shaving and those for nurturing your beard.

Ater a workout, you’ll need a good body wash to clean the skin and soothe aching muscles. With its minty scent, this one will refresh you and restore your body’s balance. Finally, the all natural deodorant is there with its anti-inflammatory properties and lip balm is perfect for hydration.

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Way Of WIL body wash

This line of products is also great before and after going to the gym or any starting any other sports activity since it will soothe the muscles.

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