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If you like the outdoors and the adventurous life and at the same time want to keep your clothes and gear safe and dry, the waterproof duffel bag by Madwater is for you. This duffel bag has a capacity of 30 liters and it’s water-resistant up to 15 feet (4,5 meters) underwater. Madwater is another exclusive brand by the well known Roc Gear, Inc. Madwater products are all part of the “waterproof store” in Roc Gear.

Roc Gear is a company that has been successfully creating outdoor gear for almost 17 years now, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this waterproof duffel bag. All of their products are made in the USA, and the case is no different with this one. This 30-liter bag is fully made of double-coated and PVC-free polyurethane which makes it truly water resistant. The duffel bag is also equipped with YKK waterproof zippers, that are also made in the United States. Besides this 30-liter one, there are also a 65 and 90-liter options, if you need some more space for your gear.

Whole bag photographed from the front.

This USA made duffel bag is water-resistant up to 15 feet underwater.

Bag captured by the river.

Made from double coated PVC-free polyurethane this bag is great for fishing trips.

The handles are 1.5 inches (3,8 centimetres) wide and designed in a way that they could be used as backpack straps in case your hand gets tired. This bag is supported by 4 durable and reliable deluxe D-rings that will keep your bag in one piece in every situation and throughout any weather condition.

The thing about polyurethane is that it’s better than PVC in almost every category. Unlike PVC, polyurethane is going to keep your gear safe from direct sunlight, cold water and all sorts of chemicals. Also, it’s crack resistant, abrasion resistant, it’s environment-friendly, and it’s simply stronger than PVC.

Madwater bag photographed by the hunting equipment.

Nylon webbing handles are made long enough in order to be used as backpack straps.

To all this, add the fact that the creators of the Madwater duffel bag chose one of the thickest double-coated polyurethane in order to maximise all of these great features, and you really don’t need to worry about your clothes and gear getting wet ever again. The whole body of the bag is made from one piece, so there are no stitches, no weak spots and you can leave your bag on the rain or even soaked in water, and still, your gear will remain dry.

Bag photographed with the kayak.

This bag is made from one piece and it has no weak spots. You can leave it soaked in water and your gear will remain dry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fisherman, hunter or you simply love camping and outdoor life, this waterproof duffel bag by Madwater will keep your gear safe and dry in all weather conditions. Christmas is coming fast, so don’t forget to treat yourself or your loved ones right. Everyone who loves outdoor life needs a duffel bag as durable and reliable as this one.

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Three duffel bags captured together.

Besides this 30-liter one, there are also a 60-liter and a 90-liter options.

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