If you are one of those guys who like nothing better than to host a great summer party, then you are probably on the lookout for fun ways of delivering refreshing beverages to your guests. In the spirit of summer, and summer parties, we are going to present you with the Watermelon Tap Kit, a simple piece of gear which will effectively boost the mood of your guest. This tap kit is very easy to use; all you need is a hollowed-out watermelon and the stainless steel coring tool, which is included in the purchase by the way, to make a hole for the tap. After you drill the hole, put the tap in and fill the watermelon with a tasty beverage.

Watermelon Tap Kit use

The Watermelon Tap Kit turns a hollowed-out watermelon into a keg

The Watermelon Tap Kit doesn’t necessarily have to be used during parties, but it can sure be a good conversation starter. Feel free to use it on during an afternoon of relaxation to take your mind off of things with a cool cocktail. Another great thing about this tap kit is that it works with hollowed-out pumpkins as effectively as it does with watermelons. So, come Halloween, you can use different drinks and have a cool Halloween themed drink dispenser to boot.

Get it from Amazon here.

Watermelon Tap Kit full package

This is what the purchase of a Watermelon Tap Kit includes

Watermelon Tap Kit pumpkin

This tap kit works with pumpkins as well

Check out a short instructional video about the Watermelon Tap Kit.

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