Water Wonderlands: 5 Destinations Every Fishing Fan Must Visit

It’s been a rough year for fishing enthusiasts, with many having to stay at home during lockdowns. Now with things opening back up, it’s time to whip out the waterproof pants and fishing rod. Though we might not be able to travel internationally to scratch our fishing itch, there are many places in our own backyard that are renowned for being fishing must-sees. Here’s our list of five destinations every fishing fan needs to check out.

1. Cairns, QLD

If the favoured black marlin is on your fishing bucket list, then you’re in luck. Travel northwards alongside the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, and you might just find yourself in what’s regarded as the ‘black marlin capital of the world’. Cairns is known for having giant black marlins, as well as their fishing season being host to numerous other giant fish.

Other than giant black marlins, this area is rich with baitfish, plankton, tuna, sailfish, among many others. Plus, who wouldn’t want to fish in an area that’s perpetually sunny? Vessels and boats are often booked out months in advance, so it’s recommended to get in quick if you want to experience one of Australia’s greatest fishing spots.

2. Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

Full of every kind of fish imaginable, the Hervey Bay area is great for anyone who just likes to fish and has no specifics in mind. Situated between the mainland and Fraser Island, Hervey Bay is perfectly designed for fishing- with an abundance of seafood restaurants available as well, if your trip doesn’t go to plan. And while you won’t be able to catch one, the area is also regarded as one of the premier humpback-whale watching sites.

Expect to catch snapper, golden trevally, coral trout, barramundi around this area. Also, expect to run into many other fishermen on your excursion- as Hervey Bay is renowned for being one of the more social fishing areas in Australia.

3. The Top End, NT

Want to back a barramundi? Then it’s time to head to The Top End. Consisting of Darwin and the northernmost part of the Northern Territory- this area is one of the best areas for barramundi fishing. Known for being one of the more exciting fish to catch, due to their explosive fights with the fishing rod, barramundi often find themselves on peoples fishing lists.

That’s not all, though. The Top End is also host to an array of sport and reef fish, like the giant trevally, golden snapper, red emperor, coral trout, and marlin amongst many others.

4. Tasmania, TA

If you’re looking for a twist on your regular fishing expedition, why not try fly fishing in Tassie? Tasmania is home to a variety of different waters, be it shallow, clear or murky. This has allowed them to have an option for every season, so no matter when you can make it down- fly fishing is always available to you.

Expect to catch a variety of trout, including the wild brown and rainbow trout. You can also expect to take in some fascinating sites, and be introduced to all the beauty that Tasmania has to offer.

5. Sydney, NSW

Speaking of fly fishing, you’re also able to do so in urban waters- with Sydney’s harbour offering a variety of fish to catch. Not only will you be able to fish against the Sydney skyline, but the harbour is home to a large number of fish predators that swim right against the surface, making them easy to catch. Expect to catch salmon, kingfish and small tuna fish depending on the time you go.

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