Warm Tech Bottle – A Hand Powered Warming Thermos

Warm Tech Bottle is a thermos that does not depend on electricity from a wall plug, but still works like a charm was created by Yu-Chiu, Cheng-Yu Li, Yu-Hsien Lin and Kai-Cheng Chang from the Tainan University of Technology in Taiwan. It is a result of the work these young designers invested in a project that served as submission in the 2013 Lite-On Awards and it is amazing.

The product is a thermos that is completely eco-friendly, warming up your drink through a simple shake of your hand. Yes, that’s it, just shake the Warm Tech Bottle and you’ll get a warm drink. The mechanism inside relies on an electromagnetic spring and a magnet and this gives you the chance to quickly and efficiently heat up your drink on the go.

Design-wise, the bottle is great as well. Simple rectangular shape, with variously colored spring-like detail on the side and a modern-looking digital thermostat that measures the temperature of your drink and lets you know if you need to heat it up even before you try the drink.

Warm Tech Bottle is simple, beautiful, purposeful and highly functional.[via]

Details of the Warm Tech Bottle, Hand Powered Thermos

2 Warm Tech Bottles, Hand Powered Thermos

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