Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun


Admit it – you still love playing with toy weapons. The joys of childhood are now available for the big-sized men too, thanks to Elastic Precision’s PPK Rubber Band Gun. Go back to your most interesting and careless days or just spend some time reconnecting with your young self – you know you want to.

The PPK Rubber Band Gun is proof that our childhood toys only get better with age. Made out of solid wood and modeled after the Walther PPK handgun made famous by James Bond, it’s super-easy to use. It’s semi-automatic, can hold up to five rubber bands and can fire them up to 20 feet.  You can buy one for yourself and your son or nephew (it will fit both your hands perfectly) and enjoy the holiday season playing war or cowboys and Indians with them – there’s no better gift for Christmas, trust us.

PPK Rubber Band Gun

Just imagine all the fun you could have with it. You know you want it…

This rubber band gun is easy to load and comes in two colors – White Oak and Walnut. And no need to buy any additional rubber bands – you’ll get 50 included in the package. Have fun playing James Bond or some other childhood hero. You can’t really regret getting yourself a toy, can you?

Get it from Huckberry here.

PPK Rubber Band Gun on a notebook next to a pen

Here’s what you’ll be doing for the holiday season…

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