Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin (VIDEO)

You are probably going to marvel at Walking Table by Dutch designer Wouter Scheublin because you have never seen anything like it. An unusual combination of mechanics and carpentry, the Walking Table is definitely not a static piece of furniture.

This table is made of walnut and it comes to life when pushed or pulled thus changing your perception of tables as motionless parts of your interior.

The table converts pushing and pulling into oscillations of the legs which move effortlessly across the floor which, in turn, makes it easy to relocate wherever you want it.

The movements are spider-like and surprisingly graceful. Unfortunately, the Walking Table is available only in limited edition quantity of eight pieces. Each table is finely crafted from selected materials.

You can contact Wouter Scheublin for purchase information. watch video below

bottom view of the Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin

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