After last year’s successful launch of a solar LED lamp WakaWaka on Kickstarter, the WakaWaka Power Solar Lamp and Charger is available. Invented by a team of highly skilled engineers at Intivation, the WakaWaka Power is an excellent gadget, the main purpose of which is essential nowadays – it functions as a charger for any type of USB-enabled phone, smartphone and tablet. Also, it’s a great light source, which, to be honest, can be very convenient, especially keeping in mind the way it works.

WakaWaka Power consists of very efficient solar cells and a great power control system, which make this gadget the leader on the market. With one single charging, WakaWaka Power can supply you with 10 hours of reading light and charge your mobile device from fully depleted to fully charged, or with 40 hours of light, if you don’t charge the phone. In addition, it needs less than 2 hours to do it.

LED lights of the WakaWaka POWER

The excellent thing is that the sun doesn’t have to be highly intensive, since the battery is very strong (the device uses the 2,200 mAH Lithium-Polymer battery), and if the charger stands for a whole day in direct sunlight, there is no doubt that your phone’s battery will be fully charged, because it needs approximately 8 hours to get fully charged while using solar power. However, if you want to charge it on AC, it will need around 4 hours.

iPad being charged with the WakaWaka POWER Solar LED Lamp and Smartphone Charger

The product is very durable, and comprised of a water-resistant construction; it weighs only 7 ounces and its dimensions are 4.8 by 4 by 0.8 inches, so you can easily carry it anywhere without any worries or effort.

WakaWaka Power has LED indicators, which are very functional, but also good-looking. They show the intensity of charging, how full the battery is and if the phone is charging at all. They also provide you with additional light source.

Side view of the WakaWaka POWER Solar LED Lamp and Smartphone Charger

The on/off button can also be used to toggle between 5 light modes, each with different level of brightness, including an SOS beacon. watch video below

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Charging status on the WakaWaka POWER

Black WakaWaka POWER Solar LED Lamp and Smartphone Charger

Charging panels of the WakaWaka POWER

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